Tamworth Miniature Railway’s Second Birthday Run

14-15 June   2015

Major extensions to the railway took place two years ago, which included a doubling of our track length and the construction of the Keith Singh Bailey Bridge.  On the first anniversary of the opening of this extension, the Tamworth and District Model Engineers miniature railway conducted an inter-club run and public running day. Encouraged by visiting steamers who enjoyed this weekend, we decided to make this inter-club run an annual event. As promised to visitors, the third weekend in June saw our second birthday run with an invitation run on the Saturday and a public run on the Sunday.

Despite being in the middle of winter, the weather over the weekend was fine but cool. Previous rains had freshened up the parklands, so the site was a picture.

Extensive regrading of our track proved most acceptable to the visiting drivers, particularly steamers, who commented favourably. On the Saturday we run trains in the opposite direction to normal to check grades. Apart from a few issues with two points, all went smoothly.

Recently, our club acquired good quality steaming coal (low ash and sulphur) from the Tarawonga mine near Boggabri. This fuel proved a real hit with our visiting steamers. The old days of tarry locomotive smoke drifting around the hills were repeated briefly.

Our visitors provided tremendous and generous support for the public running day by running their varied and most interesting locomotives, both steam and diesel. There is no doubt about the public interest and enjoyment of seeing a live steam locomotive and riding on a steam drawn train. Many customers enjoyed rides on a number of different trains. Click here to view the Second Birthday Run Gallery.

Visiting club members came from far and wide including Westernport, Victoria; Galston Valley, Sydney; Lake Macquarie, Tweed Valley, Wagga Wagga, all in New South Wales; and the Sunshine Coast, Nambour, Queensland.

A repeat performance of our invitation run is planned for the third weekend in June 2016. Our entire track layout is dual 7 ¼” and 5” gauge. A high load capacity transverser is planned for installation by the next invitation run. We are keen to welcome all visitors next year.


Second Birthday Run